Get rid of the trash

The Sri Krishna Medical College Hospital (SKMCH) in Bihar state, India, has a habit of being a little careless with the corpses it accumulates. At the end of 2016 several staff in the hospital morgue were discovered to be selling the skeletons of unclaimed bodies for about $270. The flesh and fat were boiled off first.

Now human skeletons and bits of bones have been found close to a garbage dump near to the hospital’s morgue. More than 100 children have died at the hospital from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) since 1 June this year.

The bodies are meant to be cremated, as Sunil Kumar Shahi, the Superintendent of the SKMCH hospital said: “These skeletal remains are found at the spot where cremations are said to take place. But I agree this should be done in a more humane fashion.”