First gold, now oil

First it was Vahid Mazloomin, now it’s Hamid-Reza Baqeri-Dermani. Iran’s courts are working overtime to secure the death penalty for people who the regime reckons have made money illegitimately.

Mazloomin, who was executed in November, was a gold dealer who had been in the gold business in Iran for 30 years, happily doing what many do all around the world – trade gold.

Baqeri-Dermani was an oil trader and had been for years. Nicknamed the ‘Sultan of Bitumen’ by some inspired hack, Baqeri-Dermani was hanged after being found guilty of the charge of “spreading corruption on earth”, the same ridiculous charge that did for Vahid Mazloomin.

The truth is that the Iranian regime, under pressure for the dismal economic situation, is trying its best to offload responsibility onto easy targets.

Picture source: Steve Bidmead