Sarah Square-Eyes

You’ll get square eyes if you watch too much TV,
But Sarah did not heed her mother’s warning.
She switched it on (poor fool!) as soon as she got in from school;
She switched it on the first thing in the morning.

She watched soaps and sport, programmes long and programmes short,
She watched quizzes, documentaries and pop,
She watched comedy and drama – oh, the telly was a charmer –
So she watched and never ever thought to stop.

Sarah seemed to change, but she didn’t think it strange –
In fact, she didn’t notice it at all.
But as Mum had said, it started with her head –
Her eyes became as wide as they were tall.

Through her shoulders and her arms, TV slowly worked its charms
And Sarah got much squarer by the hour;
Through her body to her feet she was stiff and square and neat,
And still the telly held her in its power.

So she just sat there till she went completely square –
To move in any way she was not able.
So her mother had her fitted with four wooden legs
And now she is a television table.

By Carol Carman

Picture source: Foto Fortepan/Urbán Tamás