The Elvis Mutations

The Elvis Mutations are a series of silkscreen prints by the artist Sadie Hennessy, a commemorative gesture towards the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s tragically early demise on 16th August 1977. She vividly recalls the mums crying at the school gate that day.

Sadie Hennessy writes: “Each print is of a different Elvis tribute act –not one of them actually looks like Elvis but they all have the signifiers; usually the white jumpsuit, the sideburns, the black quiffy hair and the sunglasses. Each print is a single colour photographic screen print, which I have then embellished by hand with gold pigment. The way the gold has spotted onto the print is reminiscent of moulds growing in a petri dish. The biological reference is intended. The proliferation of Elvis ‘varieties’ calls to mind evolutionary theory. They are like the famous Peppered Moth, mutating to adapt its camouflage to the smog-blackened trees of the industrial towns it inhabited. Similarly, the Elvis’s keep evolving, to keep the species alive!”














So far there are nine prints in the series but, like the Elvis impersonators themselves, there will be more. The series will be launched to coincide with the 40th anniversary on the 16th August. There will be an exhibition at Keam’s Yard Gallery, Seafront, The Horsebridge, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1BU. Private View with live entertainment – featuring guess what – will be on the 18th August 2017. The exhibition runs from 7-20 August.

Sadie Hennessy is a multi-disciplinary artist who is currently Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy. Her work can be viewed here.

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