Don’t be a Nazi!

Our American correspondent, Barbara, is very cross about what she says are millions of deaths each year that don't have to happen, and are actually murders. Read on.

I don’t claim to be very educated but I know what’s right and wrong – and I’m telling you, it ain’t right that so many people around the world are now supporters of euthanasia, or legalised murder as I prefer to put it. It’s got so bad that we can’t even trust our dog food no more! Just look at what’s happening to the food we serve up to our poor animals! Why, there’s pentobarbital in that junk crap and pentobarbital has only one use and that’s killing, other animals mostly, now that it’s banned for executions. (I’m in favour of executions, don’t get me wrong, just that they should use the firing squad). I’m a proud supporter of a wonderful initiative by Governor John Kasich, a petition calling for the banning of any cat or dog remains in pet food, so you just get along and sign that petition too.

392 dog food cell

He’s been fed on the finest Gravy Trainer minced mush for years and years

But I ain’t only worried about my precious Wolfie, a gorgeous pure-bred Siberian Husky that my neighbour lied about in court a while back. She told the court a pack of lies, an absolute crock of horse-poo about how half a dozen local kids that have been missing – drug users all of ’em I reckon – have been eaten by Wolfie! As if he would, he’s been fed on the finest Gravy Trainer minced mush for years and years, never been hungry enough to munch a kid. It wouldn’t cross his mind, no sir.

No. What bothers me ain’t just the canned food that’s full of drug shit, but the millions of people who are now calling for euthanasia to become law all around the world. It’s against religion, that’s what it is. I read somewhere that the French bishops have just said that their country – not much of a country, mind you – is sliding towards legalising euthanasia and that would just mean the end of civilisation. I ain’t ever been to France and probably never will, but I know what’s right. Them French bishops have got it right when they said “you shall not kill”! I recall that a former pope, think it was John Paul II, talked about a culture of death that was slithering across Western society and never was a truer word spoken, even though he was a Catholic and Catholics don’t often speak the truth.

If you study your history just a little you will find a bunch of people who liked euthanasia so much they used it against their own kind. That’s right, I’m talking about Adolf Hitler and his sort. Back in 1939 them Nazis killed off all their mental cases and disabled kids. That was a slippery slope if ever there was one. They liked killing so much they didn’t know when to stop and it was only thanks to us Americans that they did stop!

That’s right, I’m talking about Adolf Hitler and his sort

Everywhere I look I see people queuing up to have the right to finish themselves off. 91 farmers in India are asking for euthanasia now, just because their crops aren’t paying as much as they think they should. How does that make sense? If this year you don’t get enough money for your crops then just wait it out till next season! My granddaddy was a farmer and he had good years and bad but he didn’t start asking to be killed! Those farmers wouldn’t have even considered they might be killed, except back at the start of March India’s Supreme Court – Supreme Court my eye! – recognised the right of people to have ‘passive euthanasia’, whatever that is.

I say we have all lost our sense of what it means to be human, which is to struggle with life no matter how painful it might be. All this ‘death with dignity’ crap that’s talked about – I mean, what’s dignified about dying before the good Lord says your time is done? It’s getting out of hand. Last year more than 6,500 people in the Netherlands – the first place to legalise euthanasia in 2002 – killed themselves, committed suicide, under the euthanasia laws. And there’s even a euthanasia group that’s been selling some unknown white powder to help people do it! Once upon a time suicide was against the law – and it should be against the law again!

You know who’s really to blame for this spreading evil? Dignitas, that’s who, that Swiss organisation that’s no better than a death clinic. People willingly go there to die, can you believe it? It’s been around since 1998 and since then more than 2,000 people have paid a small fortune to go there and have themselves killed. Swiss law apparently says that helping someone kill themself is legal as long as it is not motivated by selfish motives. But what could be more selfish than killing yourself, I ask you? And do you know how they do it? By taking a lot of pentobarbital, that’s how. Well if you want to end it all you can just go out and buy 20 cans of Woof from Walmart and eat the damn lot and save yourself several thousand dollars.

393 dignitas blofeld

If you want to end it all you can just go out and buy 20 cans of Woof from Walmart and eat the damn lot

Ok, I know all the arguments in favour of euthanasia and they all boil down to one thing – that dying’s better than dementia (or somesuch). But who are you, to set yourself up as God and decide when’s the time to go? Miracles can happen and even the most senile old fool can enjoy watching afternoon TV, having a bowl of porridge fed them, and enjoy a good night’s rest. My old mother, god rest her soul, chuckled like a baby when we took her out for walks when she was 96, and her dribbling weren’t nothing to complain of – not was her incontinence. She was happy. I’m sure of that.

So you all just stop being Nazis and fight against this creeping disaster! Don’t forget – one day they”ll be wondering how much money grandpap has in his bank, and then thinking he’s not all there, and then it’ll be all to easy for them to shovel dearly beloved grandad into the ovens. Rather like someone else did…

God bless America and fight the good fight!