Donald Campbell – 50 years on

Donald Campbell set eight world speed records on land and water in the 1950s and 1960s. Fifty years ago his Bluebird K7 reached peak speed of 328 mph on Coniston, in the Lake District, before somersaulting and sinking. Campbell's body - the head is still missing - was not recovered until 2001. Anthony Stuchbury visited Coniston and took these photos of the area.


coniston 2Across the lake

rotor blades

Orpheus engine rotor blade remains

coniston with swanConiston Water



Remains of the Bluebird K7 tail cover roundel


engine remainsOrpheus engine remains

coniston pierPeer to Peel Island; the turnaround point of Bluebird K7

grave in snow

Campbell’s grave

Anthony Stuchbury says he is a “child of the sixties who loves a little bit of Elvis, ELO, The Beatles, Donald Campbell, Bluebird and photography…but not necessarily always in that order.”