Farewell, and drink up

Go out with a drink.

Westerleigh crematorium, near Bristol in the south-west of England, has been granted an alcohol licence.

The company running the crematorium runs 21 crematoria across the UK and has ambitions to open its 30th site before 2020.

The group would like to eventually have alcohol licences for the majority of its sites.

According to the company’s spokesman: “The provision of a new hospitality suite will therefore cater for funeral parties who are looking for a simple, dignified event after the funeral, providing an onsite service which is comparable to the traditional funeral tea.”

This is a habit that’s catching on.

In Illinois, the Kolssak Funeral Home in Wheeling has received a liquor license as a way of “moving away traditional funerals to life celebrations” according to the funeral parlour.


Picture source: via Wikimedia Commons