Eat my face

In Thailand a taboo-busting bakery is managed and run by the artist Kittiwat Un-ar-rom.

If you fancy a bun or a loaf, you can drop in and buy a carefully crafted piece of baked dough that has been shaped into severed limbs, ‘dead’ faces, amputated limbs and whatnot, all perfectly shaped and colourfully, realistically rendered.

In his Body Bakery, which has been open since 2003, all the bread and buns are laid out as though in a butcher’s shop, wrapped in cling film and suspended from meat hooks.

Teeth, nostrils, fingernails – all the features are lovingly recreated from raisins, nuts and other edible toppings.

After they are sculpted and baked, he carefully spatters them with blood-red glazed colourings.

Disappointingly, he has yet to make a fruitcake arse.

Picture source: Jonathunder via Wikimedia