Don’t mess with the Mongrels

The Mongrel Mob and Black Power are very naughty boys. They like to get into fights with each other, a traditional pastime for gang members, especially in New Zealand’s North Island, where there’s little else to do except enjoy the glorious natural surroundings. The gangs have been around since the 1970s and normally there’s an uneasy peace between them.

Until, that is, the recent funeral of Tahu Kingi, one of the Mongrel Mob’s members. Someone had the temerity to fire a few shots at the funeral cortège, about 100 vehicles, transporting grieving Mongrel Mob members to the Whakatane crematorium.

This followed a brawl at the tangi (a traditional Maori wake), when a Black Power member was allegedly run over. Black Power members then allegedly rammed the vehicle containing Kingi’s coffin, which fell on the road.

Picture source: Flickr