Don’t eat the white powder

Klaus O – the surname remains anonymous for legal reasons – for years slowly poisoned his co-workers at his place of work, a metal fittings company in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock,  Germany. He kept himself to himself and often wore headphones while at work. In 30 years at the factory he had built a reputation for privacy.

Then one day last year a co-worker noticed something odd about his sandwich lunch and reported it. His food had been laced with highly toxic and almost tasteless lead acetate.

The management installed a hidden camera in the rest room and spotted Klaus O. calmly pulling food out of his colleagues’ bags, dusting them with powder, then carefully repacking and replacing the items. Two of his colleagues suffered kidney damage while a third has brain damage.

Twenty-one former employees at the company haved died and police are now studying the possibilty that they were poisoned.

Klaus O. has now been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Picture source: Dormroom chemist