Dead or alive

Sukhdev Naik and Sudam Si, of the state of Odisha (pictured) in India, served several months in jail in 2012, the police having extracted a confession from them of the murder of Lili Naik, Sukdev’s wife and Sudam’s sister. A body had been found dumped in a well in their district and police informers identified it as Lili Naik.

But the body turned out to be that of another villager, Mandakini Dhungia. Lili Naik informed a magistrate that she was alive in 2014. The two men however are still fighting a court case for a crime they have not committed.

A lawyer on behalf of Lili Naik said: “The woman is alive, but dead in the eyes of the court. She will lead a normal life once the court gives its final judgement about her existence.”

Picture source: Andrew Moore