Cloudy with a touch of meatballs

In Melbourne, Joanne Debono, 53, has confessed to trying to kill her husband by poisoning his meatballs with sleeping pills, then injecting him with brake fluid and weedkiller. 

Her husband, of 25 years, Stephen, woke up during the plot.

Mrs Debono, reported to police that she tried to kill him after years of physical and emotional abuse.

Her original plan was to finish him off with a shovel after he’d eaten the killer meatballs. But she couldn’t bring herself to wield the shovel so she mixed a cocktail of brake fluid and weed killer, and began to inject it into her husband as he lay asleep.

When Stephen Debono woke up and asked his wife what she was doing, she fled to a relative’s house before handing herself over to the police.

She has been charged with attempted murder and intentionally causing serious injury, and released on bail.


Picture source: Flickr