Cat killer surrounded

The Croydon, south London, serial cat killer ought to give up now – he or she is surrounded.

The killer has supposedly exterminated around 400 cats and other animals in the last three years across England, but time is clearly running out.

Operation ‘Takahe’ (a flightless bird from New Zealand), aimed at capturing the moggy-murderer, started life in December 2015 and now has a team of 15 Scotland Yard police hot on his (or her) trail.

The animal rights charity PETA has offered a £5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer. Even the actor Martin Clunes has stepped in, sending an email to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner saying (in part): “As someone who shares my home with several four-legged companions I read with horror that some of the cats had been decapitated, disembowelled or dismembered – this is the stuff of nightmares.”

Surely retribution cannot be long now?

Picture source: André Karwath