Bye-bye koalas

If your dream is to cuddle a koala, the bear-like creature which sleeps 18 hours a day and looks very cute, then you have rough 35 years left to get in there – maybe.

According to Martin Taylor, a conservation biologist with WWF Australia, the koala habitat is fast disappearing and by 2050 there may well be no wild koalas left in New South Wales, Australia.

A riposte came from the NSW government: “The NSW Government’s Koala Strategy – the biggest commitment by any state government to secure koalas in the wild – will provide more natural habitat for koalas, tackle diseases, improve research and fix roadkill hotspots.”

Koalas aren’t very cuddly anyway – they have the thickest fur of any marsupial and smell of cough drops.

Picture source: Chris Fithall