Burger boy crashes out

Kang Ki Sop, director of North Korea’s General Administration of Civil Aviation, has taken his final boarding pass. “Comrade Kang had such a thirst for his work, exhibited deep responsibility and proved himself a revolutionary warrior who is infinitely loyal to our party,” according to North Korea’s state news, reporting on the funeral.

In a slightly creepy touch, fat-boy Kim Jong Un, who runs everything in North Korea, gently caressed Kang’s face in the coffin.

It hasn’t been revealed how Kang breathed his last, but we doubt it was a surfeit of the burgers – the main in-flight snack offered, pictured – of the national airline, Koryo Air.

According to one who has sampled the burger: “The meat was inoffensively dull and, true to the intrigue that surrounds it, even tougher to identify than it was to chew. I guessed that it just got over the “chicken” line. Just.”

Picture source: Minifastcar33