Brizzi’s honour

Stefano Brizzi has told a court in London that Satan told him to “kill, kill, kill”.

He is accused of strangling George Semple, a police officer, then cooking and eating parts of him.

There’s no indication that Satan also told him to “eat, eat, eat”.

Semple, who was 59, met Brizzi on a dating app, apparently while looking for extreme sexual practices, not in the line of duty.

The court heard that Semple’s DNA was found on the blade of a blender, cooking pot and other items in Brizzi’s kitchen. Police visited the flat in April, after neighbours complained of a “revolting smell”. They found bottles of chemicals scattered in the hall and “blue-green liquid” in the bath with “flesh-coloured globules floating in the water.”

The defendant told the court that he did not like Semple, who had been fat and ugly.

Brizzi later allegedly claimed he disposed of some body parts by dumping them in the River Thames; a human foot was later discovered next to the Thames riverbank at Bermondsey Wall.

The court heard that, while in custody Brizzi told officers: “I thought I was getting away with it. I had nearly finished but I took a shot (of crystal meth). I was going to finish the job today. As you can see, this man was a very big man and all I have left is two buckets.”

Brizzi, 50, from Southwark, south London, denies murder.



Picture source: Flickr