Bottling out

The Lancet has some bad news for drinkers – any drinkers, all drinkers.

There’s no net benefit to consuming alcohol.

The study is based on some 115,000 adults with no history of heart disease, stroke, or cancer, from 12 countries.

Heavy drinking increases the risk for death by 31% to 54%.

Low levels of consumption were considered to be up to seven drinks a week; moderate up to 14 drinks in women and up to 21 drinks in men; high, above 14 drinks for women and more than 21 for men.

The risk of cancer was 38% higher in wine drinkers than for those that never touch a drop; 69% higher in spirit drinkers, and 20% higher in beer drinkers.


Picture source: Senior Airman Natasha Stannard via Wikimedia Commons