Booze blues

Alcohol kills around 2.8 million people (about 5% of total deaths) around the world every year and contributes to more than 200 diseases. If it were invented from scratch today there’s no doubt it would be illegal.

But it’s legal, and some people – male students in the US especially – seem to think it’s cool to engage in quaffing as much as possible.

Max Gruver was 18 and a student at Louisiana State University and attended a Phi Delta Theta hazing “event” during which he was required to glug a quantity of 190-proof booze on one night in September 2017, if he failed to answer questions about the fraternity or could not recite the Greek alphabet.

If you by accident inhale the fumes from 190-proof alcohol it can cause burns in the nose, throat and lungs. Anyone who does inhale a large amount of fumes or alcohol is advised to seek immediate medical attention.

Gruver was, according to the toxicologist at his just concluded inquest, a “dead man walking” after his session. A jury has convicted Matthew Naquin, 21, of “negligent homicide” and he now awaits sentencing of up to five years imprisonment. Phi Delta Theta has been banned from the university until at least 2033.