Belgian balls-up

Legalised euthanasia in Belgium has hit a stumbling block: the country’s Evaluation and Control Commission for Euthanasia has lost its mandate.

The problem is that it can’t find replacements for its executive committee.

The Commission was established in September 2002 to oversee the implementation of new euthanasia legislation.

Its executive has 16 members including eight doctors, half of which must be university professors. There are also 16 alternate members.

Seven of these 32 positions are currently vacant.

By law, eight must be French-speaking, eight Flemish-speaking, and each group must be gender-balanced.

According to the latest statistics, reported cases of euthanasia have increased in Belgium by 90% in three years, from 953 in 2010 to 1,807 in 2013.


Picture source:  Panthouse via Wikipedia