Bandidos 3, Cossacks 0

Three members of the US biker gang the Bandidos have finally been charged with murder, committed at the Twin Peaks diner at Waco, Texas, on 17 May 2015 – just days before the statute of limitations expired. That day nine bikers were killed (seven of them members of the rival gang the Cossacks) and 18 others injured.

Police said after the shooting that some 320 weapons (knives, pistols, an automatic rifle) were recovered; 192 people were arrested, 171 of them charged with participation in organised crime. The Bandidos’ president, Jake Carrizal, was prosecuted but that ended in a mistrial in November 2017.

Now Jeff Battey, Ray Allen, and Glenn Walker – all Bandidos – have been charged with murder.

Cases against 154 of those arrested have been dropped in the past four months.

Picture source: Daniel Oines