At last they get their chips

Eugenios and Hilda Marcel are finally getting buried; they have spent the last 14+ years in a mortuary, but Edinburgh City Council has now been given the legal authority to take over and arrange their final resting place.

Their mummified bodies were found by police in the basement of a former fishmonger’s shop in 2002.

Melvyn, their son, wanted to build a fridge in his home in which to place his mum and dad, until he could afford to build a private mausoleum in the grounds of his property. Ultimately, it’s reported, he wanted to take them to be buried in the West Bank in Gaza.

Hilda died in 1987, aged 68, from lung cancer; Eugenios, aged 91, died in 1994 from prostrate cancer.
Picture source: Tomas Castelazo