Potted head

In a Pietermaritzburg court in South Africa, Sibusiso Ngidi, 34, and his assistant Khanyisile Khusi, 46, have pleaded guilty to the murder of Mxolisi Langazana, a teenager, in May 2017.

Ngidi told the court he was a “traditional healer” and had been one since 2003.

Langazana was killed, then buried, then dug up and dismembered to obtain more “healing powers.”

On the day of the murder Ngidi, his co-killers, and Langazana did some heavy drinking  and in the early hours Ngidi told Langazana he wanted to play a game with him. “I told him to place the rope over his neck and as soon as he felt the rope tightening on him I would release the rope,” said Ngidi. Langazana did as he was told, Ngidi and his assistants then pulled the rope, and one of them cut off Langazana’s head and placed it in a clay pot.