Abused woman jailed

Marcia Eubank, 50, is starting a life sentence in jail in Akron, Ohio, for murdering her husband and cutting up the corpse.

According to the prosecution she shot 54 year-old Howard Eubank during a domestic dispute in June 2017, used his power tools to cut up his body, and then put the bits in storage containers.

She then pretended to family and friends that Howard was truck driving in Teaxs, until their adult son found one of the containers.

Her mitigating defence was that she was physically and mentally abused by her husband over a long period.

Sherri Bevan Walsh, the prosecutor, said: “This was a very difficult situation. My heart goes out to the family. However, Mrs. Eubank needs to be accountable for her actions.” She becomes eligible for parole when she is 70.