A tale of two bodies

In Kerala the store up dead bodies in the hope of a resurrection. In Florida they do it so that they can continue to collect benefits.

Allan Dunn lived very quietly in Florida, US, and secretly kept the corpse of his wife Margaret, who died in 2002, so that he could illegally collect more than $92,000 in social security cheques until he too died, in 2010. The story has just emerged following his heirs deciding to sell his home, his only asset. After they paid all back taxes and so on they were left with slightly more than $15,000.

Meanwhile in Kerala the decomposing corpse of a 50 year-old man has been discovered at his home more than three months after he died. The man’s brother became suspicious about his absence, and got police to go and look. They found the dead man’s wife and adult children seated next to the corpse, praying for him to return to life.