A new cocktail

We’ve mentioned fentanyl on many occasions here in The Reaper. It’s the super-strength synthetic opioid that’s often found these days in US drug overdoses.

Now officials in Nevada have finally twigged: if it works so well among the general population, why not use it for lethal drug executions?

Pharmaceutical companies have refused to supply midazolam to prisons for use in executions, so officals have been scouting round for other drugs to use.

In Nevada, Scott Dozier – awaiting execution since 2007 for murder – is due to be executed on 14 November. He will be injected with fentanyl, diazepam (better known as Valium), and cisatracurium (a muscle relaxant that causes paralysis).

The last was first discovered in South America, where indigenous people used it to poison the tips of their hunting arrows.

Picture source:  Jean-Baptiste Debret