A cemented relationship

‘Christian T.’ (as he’s known by Austrian prosecutors) last December woke up with a dead Hungarian escort next to him in bed.

He then did what any law-abiding citizen would do.

He got out his concrete mixer, dug a grave in his basement, and buried the woman under a few tons of cement.

Then he hid for a few days. When he came back he told police he had been abducted. But the cops’ suspicions were aroused. The police searched his house with sniffer dogs; when they reached the basement he confessed to what he thought he had done – killed a prostitute. He told officers he had wanted to cut her body into pieces and incinerate it but “shuddered to think about it.”

But Christian is in the clear: investigators believe she died from natural causes, possibly brought on by drugs use. He’s been released from police custody. But still might be charged with ‘disturbing the peace of a body’.

Picture source: Michael Coghlan