210 years

If he manages to live to the age of 153, Berton Cole Toavs will be eligible for parole.

In South Dakota, Toavs, 33, has just been sentenced to two stretches, to run consecutively; 110 years for shooting Eliza Edgins, 24, and 100 years for killing Nathan Gann, 28.

A ‘crime of passion’ – Edgins had apparently told Toavs that she was leaving him for Gann – Toavs got out his handy revolver, and shot Edgins nine times and Gann once. Toavs then reloaded his revolver and shot Edgins again. Just to make sure.

Toavs got off lightly.

In 1989 Chamoy Thipyaso got 141,078 years in Thailand. She defrauded more than 16,000 people in a giant pyramid selling scheme, although she got out after just eight years.

The child rapist Charles Scott Robinson was given a sentence of 30,000 years in 1994 in Oklahoma. He was 30 at the time of sentencing and the judge at his trial said he probably wouldn’t be paroled until he is at least 108 years old – 85 years from now.

Picture source: Erik Wilde