Some Japanese find it extremely difficult to admit that in the Second World War their armed forces committed ghastly atrocities – such as slaughtering as many as 300,000 Chinese people in Nanjing in 1937.

Toshio Motoya, chief executive of the Japanese hotel chain APA Group, has written a book under his pen name Seiji Fuji, which says the Nanjing Massacre was “fabricated by the Chinese side and did not actually happen.” A copy of the book is to be found in each of APA’s 50,000 rooms in Japan.

The only trouble is that a couple of tourists from China have stayed at one of the group’s hotels and showed the book in an online video, which has been viewed by more than 95 million times on a Chinese social media site.

APA says the book is staying put in the rooms. The book – called The Real History of Japan – says at one point that the Nanking Massacre was “impossible”, and blames the looting and killings on Chinese soldiers.

No doubt some of the six million Chinese who annually visit Japan will be a little picky over where they stay.

Picture source: Flickr