RIP May 2019

Death comes in many guises. Whether it is shooting or suicide, heart failure or cancer, in the end we all finish in the same place. You can only drive so many fast cars, eat so many fancy meals, buy so many luxury pads...happiness does not lie that way.

1 week ago


RIP April 2019

Anyone who starred in a movie called "Santa Claus is rubbish" is guaranteed a place in The Reaper's roll call of death. Along with Italian mobsters, footballers, poets, fashion designers and many, many more.

1 month ago


The old order is dying…

...the new struggles to be born, said Antonio Gramsci, the Italian marxist philosopher who was jailed for more than 20 years by the Italian dictator Mussolini - who is back in vogue in his own country.

2 months ago